Thursday, August 9, 2007

Eli Manning - Unstoppable!

To quote the Geico caveman, "Yes, I have a response. Uh, what?"

Seriously. Lets play word association. Ready; go!

BED: Sleep


RED: Apple

TOM BRADY: Super Bowl

ELI MANNING: Unstoppable?!?

Wrong. We would have excepted whiny, baby, cry, sucks, choke, interception, loser...

Honestly what was Citizen thinking? I'm sitting there watching tennis and the next thing I know there is a commercial on my screen saying "Citizen watches... unstoppable... just like the people who wear it." with a dimly lit Eli Manning posing with a football.

As much as I could make this a super-long Eli-bashing thread, I'm only pointing out how stupid Citizen's advertising department was on this one.

I don't think anyone (even Giants fans) think Eli Manning comes anywhere close to exuding an "unstoppable" image. I don't know if others will feel the same way as I do, but to me the commercial comes off as a satire/joke, which makes me take it - and the product - less seriously.

I'm not saying go out and get LT or Tom Brady, because I know they might very well turn it down or demand more money. But honestly... I can think of 50 guys (pretty much any decent/good running back, and about half of the QBs in the league) that would make a much better face for the unstoppable campaign.

At the very least, could you get a guy that isn't flat out STOPPABLE?


John said...

Oh Dave, the only reason you don't get the reason Eli works for the unstoppable ad campaign is because you lack sufficient imagination. Eli Manning certainly is unstoppable. It just depends on what exactly your definition of unstoppable is. For instance, I as a Giants fan can't stop him from failing, sucking, throwing the ball to the wrong color jersey, not being half the talent his older brother is, etc. etc.

I'm doomed this year, aren't I? Tiki's gone, Eli's still here, and Strahan's whiny. Good thing I also like the Saints, or I'd have nothing but depression to face this season.

don said...


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