Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Anyone else irritated with ESPN?


The Worldwide Leader in Sports.

Why don't they instead call themselves "The Worldwide Leader in Sports That Matter"?

This isn't even just about lack of hockey coverage anymore. Between "Who's Now" and the ESPYs, it is becoming more and more clear that if you aren't the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA, and maybe NASCAR, you really don't matter.

Unless, of course, its poker, which has far surpassed hockey, tennis, golf, softball, bowling, extreme sports, etc etc. (And this isn't a knock on poker either. I love the game. But should highlights of it be on ESPN classic more often than great tennis and golf championships?)

Funny that a network that used to get by by showing only minor sports in the 1970's has now all but completely left them to die. Remember when MTV used to show music videos?

Keyshawn Johnson is going to tell me that Sidney Crosby isn't "now".

The league's top scorer as a 19 year old is simply worth a chuckle, because his sport is a joke.

Roger Federer winning a title gets as much time on Sportscenter as one of the 15 baseball games that were played that day gets.

Any golfer not named Tiger Woods that wins a major is lucky to even get that much time.

Its one thing if ESPN only had so much time to work with, so could only go through the major sports. But with ESPN 2, ESPNews, and so many more, you can't tell me it would be that difficult to get decent coverage of more sports than just football, baseball, and basketball?

And they don't even cover those fairly! Big market teams get long breakdowns and post game interviews while "un-important" teams just get a highlight or two. Assuming you aren't a Yankee or Red Sox fan, how do you feel about the coverage your team gets?

Just imagine for me if it were your favorite sport being completely neglected and ignored.


How would you feel?


Jonathan Stallsmith said...

Amen Vegas! I've officially boycotted the whole "Who's Now" because the panel voted 3-0 that Tony Parker ("Who?" both my parents asked) is more "now" than five-time reigning Wimbledon champion, Roger Federer. Look for an article coming within the next two days about how pissed off I am:

Vagas Mom said...

Why do you seriously think that is? Is it because of the money the sports bring in? Why wouldn't they try to hire people that like a variety of sports, and bring a little something to each sport, instead of being so selective... You'd think a big company like ESPN could bring a little bit of each one to the public, and let the fans get a taste of their favorite sport. Doesn't make much sense to me. Not everyone is interested in the same things.

Josh said...

uh oh boys and girls. VEGAS IS BACK! I love it, man. Great point as always (IT'S A CRISS-CROSS!).

btw, if you're ever down in Fullerton, come to an OC Flyers game. It's not exactly the Angels, but it's fun baseball and it's cheap. I'll hook you up with tickets if you want.

And officially, welcome back.